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   Version Updates to Bitmap.us Algorithms.

  2012-(Feb)02-11 — 1.0 release:
  ~ Bitmap.us 3D algorithm and site released.

  2012-(July)07-04 — 1.1 release:
  ~ Added new algorithms for more photo source upload options.
  ~ Various bug fixes related to the photo upload feature.
  ~ Added Birthday and age calculator (updated on 2012-(July)07-26 to calculate the difference between any two dates exactly).
  ~ Users can now download an photo directly to their computer without downloading external software in a single click.
  ~ Thumbnails of users photos are created on upload.
  ~ New css enhancements were implemented.
  ~ The driver's license algorithms now show a real month instead of a number.
  ~ Users can now email a file up to 10MB.
  ~ Added Photo to PDF with Custom Resizing on 2012-(Sept)10-31.
  ~ Added custom sizes on 2012-(Dec)12-4.
  ~ Small change to the 3D algorithm effect on 2013-(Oct)10-16.

  2013-(November)11-10 — 1.2 released:
  ~ Added another version of the 3D algorithm effect on 2013-(Nov)11-10

  2014-(August)8-10 — 1.3 released:
  ~ Added General site improvements on 2014-(Aug)8-10.

  2014-(December)12-5 — 1.4 released:
  ~ Secured entire website with SSL on 2014-(Dec)12-5.

  2015-(August)8-11 — 1.5 released:
  ~ Added Crossview 3D algorithm effect and general site improvements on 2015-(Aug)8-11.

  2016-(August)8-30 — 1.6 released:
  ~ removed outdated 3D algorithm effects

  2016-(September)9-8 — 1.7 released:
  ~ Added new 3D algorithm effects.
  ~ Fixed URL to URL upload, Right-eye URL to left-eye Disk upload, and Left-eye URL to right-eye Disk upload, for 3D.
  ~ Fixed URL upload for Crossview.
  ~ Added alpha blending calculation P=αX+(1-α)Y in accordance with given digital data X, Y, and α.
     Specs calculation P=αX+(1-α)Y
  ~ Added alpha blending calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B for m (x) c . where α1, α2
     are the α-channels of first and second image Img1, Img2 (the α-channels may be set between 0 and 1).
  ~ Compiling the final calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B for m (x) c .
     Specs for calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B
  ~ Added new email options for managing bitmaps.
  ~ Added Photo Color algorithm effect and Delete page.

  2016-(October)10-13 — 1.7.1 released:
  ~ Added the ability to detect dominate color in users uploaded photo to alert user if their chosen colors affects tone of the
    new colored photo.
   (Available for 3D algorithm (https://www.bitmap.us/) and single color algorithm (https://www.bitmap.us/Colors))
    on 2016-(Oct)10-13.

  2017-(October)10-20 — 1.7.2 released:
  ~ Added the ability for thresholding based on where ~x is the spatial position of image point, p(~x) is a local
     neighborhood property, f(~x) is gray level intensity for calculation T = T[~x, p(~x), f(~x)].
     This is an important method for segmenting objects in images.

  2017-(October)10-30 — 1.7.3 released:
  ~ Added the ability for control over individual alpha ratio and thresholding where α1, α2 are the α-channels of
     first and second image Img1, Img1. B is the background colour created as a result of mixing the colors
     from α1 (x) Img1 and α1 (x) Img2.

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