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   Version Updates to Bitmap.us Algorithms.

  2012-(Feb)02-11 — 1.0 release:
  ~ Bitmap.us 3D Photo Maker algorithm and site released.

  2012-(July)07-04 — 1.1 release:
  ~ Added new algorithms for more photo source upload options.
  ~ Various bug fixes related to the photo upload feature.
  ~ Added Birthday and age calculator (updated on 2012-(July)07-26 to calculate the difference between any two dates exactly).
  ~ Users can now download an photo directly to their computer without downloading external software in a single click.
  ~ Thumbnails of users photos are created on upload.
  ~ New css enhancements were implemented.
  ~ The driver's license algorithms now show a real month instead of a number.
  ~ Users can now email a file up to 2MB.
  ~ Added Photo to PDF with Custom Resizing on 2012-(Sept)10-31.
  ~ Added custom sizes on 2012-(Dec)12-4.
  ~ Small change to the 3D Photo Maker algorithm effect on 2013-(Oct)10-16.

  2013-(November)11-10 — 1.2 released:
  ~ Added another version of the 3D Photo Maker algorithm effect on 2013-(Nov)11-10

  2014-(August)8-10 — 1.3 released:
  ~ Added General site improvements on 2014-(Aug)8-10.

  2014-(December)12-5 — 1.4 released:
  ~ Secured entire website with SSL on 2014-(Dec)12-5.

  2015-(August)8-11 — 1.5 released:
  ~ Added Crossview 3D algorithm effect and general site improvements on 2015-(Aug)8-11.

  2016-(August)8-30 — 1.6 released:
  ~ Removed outdated 3D Photo Maker algorithm effects

  2016-(September)9-8 — 1.7 released:
  ~ Added new 3D Photo Maker algorithm effects.
  ~ Fixed URL to URL upload, Right-eye URL to left-eye Disk upload, and Left-eye URL to right-eye Disk upload, for 3D Overlay.
  ~ Fixed URL upload for Crossview.
  ~ Added alpha blending calculation P=αX+(1-α)Y in accordance with given digital data X, Y, and α.
     Specs calculation P=αX+(1-α)Y
  ~ Added alpha blending calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B for m (x) c . where α1, α2
     are the α-channels of first and second image Img1, Img2 (the α-channels may be set between 0 and 1).
  ~ Compiling the final calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B for m (x) c .
     Specs for calculation α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B
  ~ Added new email options for managing bitmaps.
  ~ Added Photo Color algorithm effect and Delete page.

  2016-(October)10-13 — 1.7.1 released:
  ~ Added the ability to detect dominate color in users uploaded photo to alert user if their chosen colors affects tone of the
    new colored photo.
   (Available for 3D Photo Maker algorithm (https://www.bitmap.us/) and single color algorithm (https://www.bitmap.us/Colors))
    on 2016-(Oct)10-13.

  2017-(October)10-20 — 1.7.2 released:
  ~ Added the ability for thresholding based on where ~x is the spatial position of image point, p(~x) is a local
     neighborhood property, f(~x) is gray level intensity for calculation T = T[~x, p(~x), f(~x)].
     This is an important method for segmenting objects in images.

  2017-(October)10-30 — 1.7.3 released:
  ~ Added the ability for control over individual alpha ratio and thresholding where α1, α2 are the α-channels of
     first and second image Img1, Img1. B is the background colour created as a result of mixing the colors
     from α1 (x) Img1 and α1 (x) Img2.

  2018-(December)12-28 — 1.8 released:
  ~ Added Gamma Correction for image contrast enhancement.
  ~ Added the ability to see Colour depth chosen colour without colours showing in dropdown.
  ~ Modified Opacity value for more control over pixel depth.
  ~ Redesigned home page for easier use.
  ~ Added encryption for the Online 3D Photo Maker for image security.
  ~All photos are cryptographically secure to the extent of the 122 bits of nonformat information which are random.

  How to send encrypted photos privately. 2018-(December)12-28 — 1.8 released:
  ~Upload your photos using our 3D Photo Maker scientific method.
  ~They will be encrypted automatically after upload.
  ~Email your photo to yourself or someone first using our "Email to" box then click the...
    "Delete Photos and Clear Session" link and then click the "Done" link.
  ~After sharing your photo with the people you want to share them with and they receive the photo...
     DELETE THEM IMMEDIATLY using the system generated email we send you
      (you must use the email option after upload).
  ~We store no information of your photos or session.
  ~Your photos are shared privately.

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