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  3D Photo Upload Instructions...

  Take a photo > Move right about 2.5in > Take another photo > Upload your two photos > Or
  Upload two different photos > Our photos look 3D with or without 3D glasses.

  A good 3D photo always has a subject in the foreground.
  Avoid moving objects and strong reds and blues and reduce your photo size to speed up processing.

  Crossview 3D Photo Viewing Instructions...

  Simply cross your eyes halfway between the pictures until both images overlap one another (3 images total),
  holding your view on the central image, and with a little patience, the image should 'push' into focus and
  you'll know it when you see it!
  Another way: To view in stereo, gently cross your eyes so that the two images overlap.
  If you're finding this difficult, move away from your monitor or try a smaller image size.
  How to calculate the Driver's License Number Algorithm for Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and perhaps others...

  US Driver's License Number Algorithm (.html)
  US Driver's License Number Algorithm (.txt)

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