This image made with our Alpha Transparency 3D and Crossview 3D Algorithms.
  Crossview 3D — Stereoscopic 3D Side-By-Side Visualization

  Crossview 3D — Stereoscopic 3D Side-By-Side algorithm is a computational approach to assess colour vision.

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  Width:  pixels      

   Choose a colour that you believe you can’t see correctly if necessary

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  Use our colour chart or colour table to find a colour.
   Crossview Example

   Gamma correction    Threshold:     Colour Opacity Ratio: 

  • URL example:, or .png.
  • Width can be any number between 1 and 3840.
  • Colours controls colour for the crosswiew side of the photo.
  • Gamma correction is used for contrast enhancement (0 -.255), (No decimal before number). 
  • Threshold is used for segmenting objects (.0 -.255 or 1.0 - 255.0), (Decimal before number). 
  • Colour Opacity Ratio controls colour transparency. We recommend .50 (.0-.255), (Decimal before number).  
  Crossview Example


  x   Your photo should be in .jpg format not exceed 2MBytes, max width is 3840.


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