This image made with our Alpha Transparency 3D and Crossview 3D Algorithms.
  Stereoscopic Colour Vision Test Instructions

  Our Crossview 3-D — Stereoscopic Colour Theory algorithm tests for what colour
  you are deficient in as seen through the real world in pictures rather than just for colour by itself.

  Our algorithm should detect and highlight the colour you can’t see correctly.

  Backed by science and designed by experts!
  The most efficient and accurate colour vision test on the internet!
  Find out if you suffer from colour vision in about 1 minute...


  1 • Take a colour picture of an item, area or scene you believe you question what
  colour your eyes are seeing incorrectly.

  2 • Pick out the colour from our colours dropdown that you believe you are seeing incorrectly. Or...

  Find a colour that you believe you can’t see correctly from the chart below or use our colour table.
  Crossview Example

  3 • Upload the picture to our Crossview 3-D — Stereoscopic Colour Theory algorithm.

  4 • The algorithm takes your chosen color and stereoscopically overlays it with
  your target color and you decide if they match.

  5 • After uploading a photo ...
  6  • Choose Buy Stereo Colour Vision Test ...
  7  • Fill out the form and your test will arrive within a few days ...
   Follow the instructions within the test kit.

  This is a test image.
  See if you can identify the colours of the boats: red, green, light blue, dark blue, dark turquoise, white,
  the white waves, and the aqua waters on both sides.
  This image was created for a person with a red colour deficiency in relation to other colours
  This image was created with variables = Colour: Red, Gamma: .0, Threshold: .0, Colour Opacity Ratio: .50
  Crossview Example

  This is a Snellen eye chart used for visual testing and acuity.

  To take the test a person covers one eye from 6 meters or 20 feet away,
  and reads aloud the letters of each row, beginning at the top.
  The smallest row that can be read accurately indicates the visual acuity in that specific eye.
  Crossview Example
  Crossview 3-D — Stereoscopic Colour Theory Viewing Instructions...

  Simply cross your eyes halfway between the pictures until both images overlap one another (3 images total),
  holding your view on the central image, and with a little patience, the image should 'push' into focus and
  you'll know it when you see it!
  Another way: To view in stereo, gently cross your eyes so that the two images overlap.
  If you're finding this difficult, move away from your monitor or try a smaller image size.

  Purchase our Stereo Colour Vision at home test:

  1 • After uploading a photo to our Crossview 3-D, or Stereoscopic Colour Theory algorithm ...
  2  • Choose Buy Stereo Colour Vision Test ...
  3  • Fill out the form and your test will arrive within a few days ...
   Follow the instructions within the test kit.

  This is what is included in our Stereo Colour Vision at home test.

    • 1 Snellen chart in size 11"x17" inch,
    • 1 pair of Loreo Lite 3D viewer glasses for viewing stereo 3D prints,
    • 4 (8.5"x11" inch) printed Stereoscopic Colour Theory with your personal stereoscopic image
      and/or stereoscopic colour or our standard stereoscopic Colour Theory image in
      colour squares with red, green, blue, yellow stereoscopic colours,
    • Instructions

    $20.00 Each

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   Colour Vision Test in Stereo

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