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  Online Scientific 3D Alpha Bitmap Colour Analysis Algorithm.

  Combine two colours to create a new third colour with an alpha bitmap, which is a bitmap that has transparent or
  semi-transparent pixels at a per-pixel opacity value for the comparison of two aligned image studies.

  1 =   Opacity:  (x) (Img1 + (1–α1) = Left-eye  Colour depth: )):  Threshold: 

             Gamma correction for (α1 (x) Img1):   Left-eye Colour: Chosen Colour
  2 =  Opacity:  (x) (Img2 + (1–α1) = Right-eye Colour depth)):  Threshold: 

              Gamma correction for (α2 (x) Img2):   Right-eye Colour: Chosen Colour

  The Opacity value control transparency in each individual photo for α1 (x) Img1 and α2 (x) Img2 (.0-.255). 
  The Colour depth controls pixels in each individual photo for α1 (x) Img1 and α2 (x) Img2
  The Threshold value is used for segmenting objectsfor α1 (x) Img1 and Img2 (.0 -.255 or 1.0 - 255.0). 
  The Gamma correction value is used for contrast enhancement for α1 (x) Img1 and Img2 (.0 -.255). 
  (x) means multiplication. 

   M = ( P=α ( Width:  pixels  (x)   Height:  pixels )X  + ( 1-α=(α1 and α2) )Y )  (×) C = ((1–α2) (×) B)

  Choose left-eye photo (α1 (x) Img1 (for Img1 over Img2)):
  URL:  Or Disk: 
  Choose right-eye photo (α2 (x) Img2 (for Img2 behind Img1)):
  URL:  Or Disk: 

  Choose photo source direction: 

   Result of algorithm = α1 × Img1 + (1–α1) × α2 × Img2 + (1–α1) × (1–α2) × B for M (x) C.

   Note: For best "Opacity" results use (.255) for colours and  (.5) for Opacity. 

   This algorithm allows the comparison of two aligned image studies using color image segmentation .                  
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   Uploading can take 1 minute to 3 minutes or more depending on the photo size.

     x   Your photo should be in .jpg format not exceed 2MBytes per photo in filesize.


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