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  3D photos are not flat, but spatial bitmaps that you combine together at a predetermined ratio.
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  Mixing two colours will produce a new combined colour and a 3D photo.
  Left-eye colour:   Colours

  Right-eye colour:

   P=a ( Width:  pixels  x   Height:  pixels )X  + ( 1-a=   Ratio:   )Y  (.0-.255)
   For best "Ratio" photo results use (.255) for colours and  (.5) for Alpha 3D to Alpha 3D.                  
   Free Polaroid print of your 3D Bitmap mailed to you (order after upload).  
   Uploading can take 30-to-90 seconds or more depending on the photo size.

     x   Your photo should be in .jpg format not exceed 2MBytes per photo in filesize.


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